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I love this pillow. It's huge and soft like a giant teddy bear. It's so supportive of my neck and lower back. I'll be having shoulder surgery soon and will need to sleep sitting up. This will be perfect. No trying to stack pillows that will only slide around and give no support at all.

by Tangerine

This is a very firm and supportive pillow. It’s the perfect height for me to have a good headrest without the bolster. I’m 5-8. I imagine you’d need to be 6 foot or taller to need the bolster. It falls down on the pillow and pushes my head forward.
This pillow is heavy too. I’ve used lighter weight ones in the past and they just don’t give the support this one has.

by SassiKassi

I love this pillow. It's perfect for watching TV or reading in bed. It would also work well to put it on the floor against the couch for those who like sitting on the floor.

by Chris V.

I really like this pillow! As you can see it expanded quite well and is firm but comfortable and supportive. For me, I like the additional tube pillow more at the bottom to support my lower back.

by Fay

I bought this specifically for the bedrest I would have after leg surgery.
I wanted something with firm support yet versatile for when I was recuperated.

by kathy sue

I recently had rotator cuff surgery, and the sling I had to wear afterwards, did not allow for laying down easily, so I figured I needed something to make sitting up more comfortable.

by Sandy Alessandro

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