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I wish I had got this much sooner. I had a similar type light years ago but it was way too bright. This one is perfect with the three brightness settings. I am trying to get away from the lighting from lamp and cell phone. For relaxation and sleep. This beautiful amber lighting must be closer to candle light. So nice and non harsh. I would recommend to anyone!

by Heidi P.

I’m a busy mom of 3 who works full time and hardly has a second to breathe... with that being said, reading calms me. I wanted something that provides enough light for me to read, but doesn’t disturb my baby who I cosleep with. This was reasonably priced and good quality! So far so good! I love that it is rechargeable with the included charging cord. Thank you!!! :)

by Jordan

I love this pillow. It's perfect for watching TV or reading in bed. It would also work well to put it on the floor against the couch for those who like sitting on the floor.

by Chris V.

I purchased this for when I am hand sewing on the couch at night. I have been using the light on my phone to brighten up the spot right where I am stitching, but as you can imagine, that keeps falling over or moving. When I saw this I thought it would be a great hands free solution. It's nice and light weight and if I need to get up for something I can just leave it on my neck and do what I need to do - no chords to get tangled up in. I can't rate the battery life yet because I haven't used it enough, but I love the fact that it's a USB and not batteries.

by Teish S

My 9yo daughter uses this every night to read before going to sleep. It easily clamps onto the headboard of her bed, or the Dream Tent that she has over her bed. It would also clamp onto a book or side table. The neck is very flexible and holds it position. It has 3 light settings, she prefers the softest -- the brightest is mid-day sun in July bright! The color is beautiful, a sweet Tiffany blue that any trendy kid/person would like!

Overall and A+ purchase, I would highly recommend.

by Brandi L.

I recently had rotator cuff surgery, and the sling I had to wear afterwards, did not allow for laying down easily, so I figured I needed something to make sitting up more comfortable.

by Sandy Alessandro

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